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Critical Mistakes A Poker Player Must Avoid At All Costs



Mistakes to avoid in poker

You might have already read a lot in the news, blogs, or articles about “how Poker can make you a millionaire” and “how Poker becomes a lifestyle for players”. Well, there is no doubt that Poker is an extremely engaging and highly entertaining game where players can earn huge cash prizes on websites like SultanPoker. Lots of players from different parts of the country are making good money by playing poker cash games and tournaments professionally.

Winning on real stake tables requires strategy and techniques which a player can master only after years of practice. Other than the basic rules of how to play Poker, you must know how to implement critical thinking, patience, and decision-making skills at the table to beat players of varying skill levels. A player has to constantly work on his game-play and update himself with the latest Poker trends and technologies to survive at the tables for a long time and reach the top.

Here are the mistakes you must avoid making at the tables if you want to become a successful Poker player :

No control over emotions

Tilt can happen to anyone! It’s great that you don’t lash out at your opponents with anger when you face bad beats or downswings. But your emotional outburst can screw up your decisions and destroy your game. Lack of self-control is one of the most common mistakes even seasoned players make. The player starts playing extremely aggressive (huge raises/re-raises, all-ins) and loses his remaining precious chips due to his elevated emotions. A good player knows when to stop playing and leave the table when emotions start controlling his gameplay.

So, learn how to stay patient and control emotions like anger, excitement, and nervousness to ensure making the best choices on the game table.


Your “bluff-master” image on the table may not remain very profitable to you in the long run. If you are a player who loves to make a bluff without considering your cards’ strength, your opponent’s skill set, and bet size, there are high chances that your bluff will ultimately fail. Bluffing is a strategy which should be used only in a certain type of situations. Bluffing in every hand makes you easily readable to your opponents.

So, give yourself time to assess the situation on the table, opponents’ game plan, their table image, position, etc before deciding to make a bluff.

It’s just a game!

You have to accept that Poker is an unpredictable game and no one can win every hand he plays. Even after doing every right and having the strongest cards on the table, you can still lose the game. Learn how to maintain a balance between the game and your life. Never let your loss in the game put an adverse effect on your pocket and your personal life. 

So, never get too attached to the game. Play only to experience the fun and thrill involved in the game. Play only with the money that you can afford losing, in order to save yourself from getting financially broke when you start facing downswings.

Last but not the least…fear of making mistakes

It may sound confusing and contradictory to the title of the blog, but the most important tip is – never make the mistake of stop playing due to fear of making mistakes. Poker is a mental game which requires confidence and patience to take a tough decision. The fear of losing chips makes the player nervous which leads to bad decisions and he ultimately inadvertently surrenders chips to the opponent. It is fine to make mistakes as long as you are learning something from it. The more you make mistakes, the more experience you earn and the more chances you get to identify your weaknesses and eliminate them once and for all.

All popular variants of the game such as Texas Holdem Poker, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, Hold’em ++, Crazy Pineapple, etc are available online in cash games and tournament formats. You can also download Poker apps on your Android or iOS devices to enjoy the action-packed games anytime and anywhere.

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