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Colored Hair Care: How to Prevent Your Hair Color from Fading



colored hair care

So you’ve decided that it is time for a change and there is no better option than – hair coloring! It’s a fun and temporary way to change your look when you’re in that mood but it can get costly and take quite a bit of time. The only worry after coloring is how to prevent hair color from fading away and keep locks healthy. Here we share our top 5 tips on how to make hair color last longer.

Tip #1: Don’t rush washing your hair

After coloring treatment, give it at least 24 hours before first shampooing, it takes time for fresh hair color to soak into the hair cuticle. For the best results, allow the new hair color to sink in for 72 hours and then start shampooing. Early washing increases the risk of hair color fading away faster.

Tip #2: Stock up on color-safe hair care products

Yes, it does work and you must use it. Color protect shampoo, conditioner, and any other additional treatments are formulated specifically for color-treated hair. These products are designed to seal the new hair color, wash hair more gently, and hydrate locks deeply. If you recently bleached your hair choose purple shampoo and conditioner that enhances the blond shades and corrects yellow tones.

Tip #3: Hair mask is a must!

Color-safe shampoo and conditioner will make sure to prevent hair color from fading away but deep nourishment isn’t any less important step of a hair care routine. Use a deeply hydrating and rich hair mask once a week to see the best results. It is a crucial step in keeping locks shiny, vibrant, and most importantly – healthy-looking.

Tip #4: Keep the water cool

When rinsing out hair products, avoid boiling hot water. It doesn’t mean you must suffer an ice-cold shower (that’s not good either) just turn down the heat to a lukewarm temperature. This will prevent hair color from washing away as well as keep the strands healthy and smooth.

Tip #5: Avoid heat at any cost

Try to avoid heat styling and blow-drying if possible. Choose heatless hairstyles and air drying instead. If you must use hot tools, apply a proper heat protectant to prevent any unnecessary damage to your strands. Exposure to sunlight will also cause vibrant hair color to fade away, so stay away if possible especially right after the coloring treatment.

After all, it is not that hard to maintain vibrant hair color it’s all a matter of habit. Five simple steps and you will enjoy fresh color and healthy silky-looking locks for longer. Try out these hair care tips and experience it yourself!

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