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Bed Curtains: Canopy Bed Curtains Ideas



bed curtains

If you are willing to add coziness to your bedroom by installing canopy bed curtains in Dubai, continue reading this article to find out more about this outstanding stylistic detail of the interior.

The canopy /baldachin/ is a piece of fabric on a wooden frame and poles. Awnings and umbrellas for sun protection appeared back in the ancient East. In Western European culture, canopies on four pillars with fabric curtains were arranged over the bed to keep warm, since the bedrooms were not heated. Nowadays bed curtains are used as a decorative element.

Baldachin is a kind of fabric canopy that frames the bed or is located above it. It is a structure consisting of a strong support and a canvas fixed to it.

Pros and Cons of Bed Curtains

The advantages of using curtains on bed include the following features:

  • Create an atmosphere of comfort, safety, privacy, tranquility.
  • Hide the bed from prying eyes.
  • Sun protection in the morning.
  • Muting external sounds.
  • Protection against drafts, cold air flows.
  • Protection against irritating insects.
  • Excellent interior decoration. A bed with canopy curtains is a romantic and effective decoration of the room.

Downsides of using bed curtains:

Be sure to consider the following disadvantages of canopies before opting for beds with curtains:

  • Visual reduction of bedroom size. It is better to avoid this design idea in small rooms.
  • Dust retention. The canopy is not suitable for allergy sufferers.
  • Leaves little air.

4 Main Bed Curtains Types

Depending on the design, there are four main types of bed curtains canopies.

  1. Semicircle, mounted on the wall above bed heading. It consists of a frame in the form of an arc or a short cornice located perpendicular to the wall, on which a light flowing fabric is fixed. Such a curtain has a purely decorative function, effectively complementing the headboard.
  1. A tent (dome). In this design, the fabric is fixed to the frame in the form of a ring and suspended from the ceiling. If the “tent” is large enough, it not only decorates the sleeping place, but also performs a protective function. For example, it protects against mosquitoes, flies, and the bright sun.
  2. A sail over the bed. It is a rectangular fabric curtain, fixed under the ceiling and hanging over the bed. For fastening such a canopy, rod eaves, wooden slats, plastic or metal pipes are usually used.
  3. Classic canopy. Supports are installed at the four corners of the bed and framed with fabric around the perimeter. A variation of this design is a zoning curtain. In this case, instead of supports, cornices are used, fixed on the ceiling, and curtains are hung on them, isolating the sleeping place.

Best Fabric for Bed Curtains

Beds with canopy curtains add romance and sophistication to the interior. The role of draperies in this case is exclusively decorative.

The following fabrics are ideal for curtains beds:

  • Natural silk,
  • Elegant cotton,
  • Weightless satin,
  • Light cambric,
  • Fatin.

You are welcome to select the fabric for bed curtains with blackout features.

How to Match Bed Curtains with the Interior Style?

The canopy design should ideally be combined with a bedroom interior. The fabric for the curtain is chosen depending on the room style. Here are some tips:

  • Heavy fabrics such as velvet, tapestry and jacquard are perfect for classic styles. They symbolize luxury and wealth.
  • Satin and silk go well with gilded Baroque furniture.
  • An oriental canopy must be complemented with fringes and tassels.
  • For high-tech style, hang light curtains on the eaves instead of the rods, or use the string lights.

Also, consider the fabric’s pattern and color. Ideally, the shade and design of the canopy material should be duplicated in other interior fabric items.

Canopy bed curtain is a unique design solution that allows you to update the interior at minimal cost and add a romantic touch to the bedroom atmosphere. Give yourself a feeling of absolute tranquility and safety by making a beautiful luxurious canopy above your bed.

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