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15 Amazing Facts about the Orchids



Facts about orchids

Did you know that certain species of orchid can survive up to 100 years? The orchids have the largest variety of flowers. The number of species officially documented is standing at an amazing twenty-five thousand (25000) plus. With so much variety it should be no surprise that there are some amazing facts about orchids that are not widely known.

Here are 15 amazing facts about this special flower which you will definitely find very fascinating.

1 – Size

The size of orchids depends on the species. They can be tiny as a penny or an extremely large weighing couple of hundred pounds.

2 – Colors

Orchids are found in a variety of colors. They look absolutely stunning in different colors. You can find here more about what colors do orchids come in?

3 – Symmetry

Each orchid flower is bilateral symmetric which means that it can be divided into equal parts size.

4 – Leaves

Shape and texture of leaves depend on the habitat orchids that live in. The dry climate has thick leaves covered with wax while species that live in warm and humid areas have thin elongated leaves. Certain species of orchids do not have leaves at all.

5 – Roots

Orchids do not have usual roots they have rhizome tuber or aerial roots. Orchids can live on the ground terrestrial forms attached to woody plants epiphytic types or under the ground.

6 – Parasitic Orchids

Certain species of orchids are parasitic. They are not able to produce food sugar using sunlight and carbon dioxide like other plants. Instead, they obtain food from fungi that live inside their roots.

7 – Insect Shapes

The bond between orchids and certain species of insects is tight and highly specialized. Petals have a similar shape and color like female insects to attract males and ensure pollination.

8 – Life Span

There is no one else who can do it in the wildflowers. Orchid can survive from a few hours to six months

9 – Reproduction

Depending on the species, orchids produce several millions of miniature seeds. Only a few seeds will develop into a mature plant.

10 – Genus Orcas

The genus Orcas comes from an ancient Greek word meaning testicle because of the shape of the bulbous roots.

11 – Origin

The term orchid which is just a shortened form of the family orchid SAE and it was not introduced until 1845.

12 – Germination

Orchid seeds do not have an ant as perm which provides nutrients required for the germination. Due to this fact, all orchids including nonparasitic forms live in symbiosis with fungi during germination. The germination can last from a couple of weeks to 5 years

13 – Commercial Use

People use orchids for numerous purposes. Substances isolated from orchids are used in the industry of perfumes spices and in traditional Asian medicine

14 – Vanilla is Orchid

Vanilla is one of the best known and widely used flavors. It is extracted from the pot of vanilla plant folia which is a species of orchid.

15 – Ancient Plant

Orchids are very old plants. According to the fossil evidence orchids have existed on the planet around 100 million years.

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