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All your Lifestyle Needs under One Beutics Roof




Is it true that you are dependent on Google to discover answers to your magnificence and wellness questions? Have a shortcoming to chase for Bargains and Offers! Here is the answer for all the inquiries. Beutics is the ideal application for users who are conscious about their magnificence and wellness. It is a commercial center for Beauty, Fitness and Wellness service providers. It lets you book a neighborhood spa, salon, wellness or clinical dermatology in just a tap away. It steps in to spare you the time and inconvenience by offering virtual zooming into the store.

Beutics Features

Beutics is available for both iOS and Android, offering hundreds of fitness services to ensure you can find your cup of tea. In addition to its limitless curation, you can also expect:

  •  Real-time booking that sees to it you get what you want whenever you want, round the clock. Don’t bother with waiting in line or on hold, as you can reserve your slot online.
  • Reviews you can trust from other people who’ve already been to that new place or experienced that new service you’d like to give a try.
  • Gain monetary rewards by referral and through cashback
  • Surprise family, friends or that special someone by topping up their Beutics wallet or sending them a service gift
  • An expert forum where professionals tackle any and all concerns you may have about fitness and beauty in general
  • Exclusive offers and discounts to reward your loyalty
  • A zoom-in feature that lets you virtually tour local beauty stores
  • Filter out services based on maximum cashback, proximity, and price, among other preferences

How it works

Beutics rewards new users with a signup reward and you can straight away shuffle through the list of services via the “explore” button on the bottom bar. You can choose between “salon, spa, fitness, aesthetic and at-home services” before further narrowing down to the exact kind of service you’re on the hunt for. The “offers” tab avails the latest offers you’d want to know about while you can have your queries answered in the “Did you know section.” The “wallet” button lets you top up your Beutics account and invite friends

Why Beutics is not like other apps you’ve encountered

Beutics stands out on many fronts, with its zoom-in feature certainly one of its most notable uniqueness. Giving users the ability to virtually tour stores is amazing, and you can also say about the volume of service options, and how detailed you can specify your criteria. It’s also quite cool that the app keeps you in the know of rewards, discounts, and has a helpful forum offering assistance to figure out what service you need.

Beutics is one that fitness and beauty enthusiasts around the world love to bits! We’re sure you will love it as well!

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