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All You Need to Know About Breast Augmentation




Breast augmentation, better known as a “boob job,” is not something that should be entered into lightly. Whether you want to increase your cup size, reduce your breasts or lift them post-pregnancy or weight loss, you want to enter into the process with your eyes wide open and fully informed.

How do you decide the size and shape?

One of the things I talk about is an aesthetic goal. I spent a lot of time trying to define what a naturally attractive breast should look like. Essentially, there are four key features of the breast that render it attractive. The end goal is trying to achieve this same attractive look whether lifting, going bigger or smaller:

The magic ratio between the upper pole and lower pole (meaning the amount of tissue above and below the nipple). It should be a 45:55 ratio 45% above the nipple and 55% below it. You want the breasts to be slightly fuller below than above.

Are there different types of implants?

In general, terms there are two different shapes: round or teardrop. They do different things and offer slightly different looks. People who want a more natural look will go for a teardrop, while those after a less natural look will go for a round. Anatomy may favor one over the other. In some instances, I may say you need a teardrop for your particular breast shape, or, on the other hand, round.

Risks and complications:

Every surgical procedure has risks. Among patients who undergo breast reconstruction, 46 percent of women with silicone gel implants and 21 percent of those with saline implants had at least one additional operation within 3 years. Eight percent of women with saline implants and 25 percent of those with silicone implants had surgery to remove the devices. Nearly 50 percent of those having cosmetic breast augmentation experience some kind of complication, for example, pain, hardening, infection, or the need for additional surgery.

Some of the risks and complications associated with breast augmentation are:

  • Painful breasts
  • Infection
  • Sensation in the breast, the nipples, or both, may change temporarily
  • Rupturing or leaking of the implant
  • Bleeding
  • Fluid accumulation

Other issues:

There is some concern that toxins may lead to neurological symptoms in women, possibly leading to problems with thinking and memory. The skin on the breast above the implant can become rippled or wrinkled, especially in very slim women or those who suddenly lose a lot of weight.

If a woman chooses to remove the implants, her breasts may look less attractive than they did before surgery. If the implants rupture, removal surgery can mean a loss of breast tissue. Breast augmentation surgery can be expensive. The ASPS note that in 2015, the average cost was $3,822, and the cost for implant removal was $2,380. Women whose implants wear out will also need to consider the cost of replacement.


A boob job is certainly useful for anyone who values her appearance, especially if your occupation requires a presentable look. Now you go for Chicago Breast Augmentation to gain the confidence boost derived from a better look will make you love yourself even more.

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