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Aidite Upgrade its 3D Dental Scanner with HDR function for Better Dental Restoration Solutions




The development of information technology leads all walks of life toward digitalization, making dental intraoral scanners more and more popular. 3D intraoral scanner brings subversive changes to dentists because these systems can capture three-dimensional (3D) virtual images of dental restoration, allows direct analysis for the panorama of dental restorations, or accurate models of dental restorations to be created for laboratory. The key part of digital dentistry is the use of 3D digital scanners. Before the results are transmitted to the computer, they will combine the use of cameras and light projection to accurately capture the details of 3D-shaped dental restoration so as to help dentists and dental laboratories diagnose more efficiently.

Since the introduction of the first digital scanners for making dental impressions in the 1980s, the development engineers of many companies have been enhancing technology and creating 3D dental scanners in the office. These scanners are becoming easier to use and can help produce products suitable for dental diagnosis. A-IS Pro is a full-function 3D dental scanner of Aidite for professionals. Its perfect and accurate digital technology is the best solution of dental CAM / CAD technology to repair cases, orthodontics, and make operation plans.

However, with the increasingly stringent requirements of patients and the dental industry for dental restoration, it is necessary to upgrade the 3D digital scanner. The upgrade of the Aidite 3D dental scanner ensured it true color texture and intelligent supplementary scanning functions and provided powerful assistance for technicians’ daily work. It makes technicians design dentures and brackets more conveniently and efficiently. In addition, another powerful function of A-IS Pro contributing the big surprise in this upgrade is the HDR function.

In the design process of dental prosthesis stent and implant, some dentists will fill the concave part of the model with wax or add gum for a better design. But this behavior triggered a problem; that is, it is hard to achieve high definition and high-quality images if scan with ordinary scanners without powder spraying, which increases the dentist’s workflow.

To solve this problem, engineers of Aidite developed the HDR function to the software during the upgrade of the A-Is Pro dental intraoral scanner. It allows scanners to efficiently and conveniently scan dental restorations with wax and gingival models without powder spraying. Moreover, with HDR function, the edge of the wax-filled part will be displayed more clearly on the computer; the color will be more realistic, and the data model will be closer to the practicality.

It is wise of you to choose a 3D dental scanner with HDR function to reduce the workflow. Combined with the true color texture and intelligent supplementary scanning function, high-quality data can be obtained more quickly, which exerts great influence on the efficiency of overall work for technicians.

As a digital solutions provider for dental diagnosis and treatment, Aidite has been paying close attention to the development of the dental industry, integrating the upstream and downstream of the dental industry chain, developing and upgrading more valuable intelligent devices for dental laboratories around new dental restoration materials. Aidite’s 3D dental scanner is small but powerful enough. Compared with other dental intraoral scanners in this segment, it has the fastest speed and is very suitable for laboratories and milling centers with great demand.

Choose the best Aidite 3D digital scanner to expand production and increase productivity!

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