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9 Things to Know Before Your First Scuba Dive



scuba diving

If you are an adventure lover then you must give scuba diving a try. It will give you an unforgetful experience and a chance to explore the magnificent ocean. You can observe the underwater creatures very closely. It is once in a lifetime experience for sure.

The best thing about scuba diving is that everyone can do that and you don’t need professional swimming or diving skills.

There are some important things that you need to know before your first scuba diving experience regardless of your prior experience, skill, confidence, and level of qualification. Following these important things will ensure your safety and the conservation of our underwater environment as well. Reputed centers like Bermuda Diving Center Dubai follow similar instructions before the dive.

1. Do NOT Touch Anything Underwater!

The underwater world is very beautiful and attractive and this might entice you to touch underwater creatures. While diving makes sure do not touch anything whether it is a fish or some colorful coral. You can touch may cause damage beyond your imagination. So don’t chase or touch anything including marine animals.

2. Don’t Follow Peer Pressure

While going for scuba diving make sure you follow your personal limits and don’t over commit based on other divers. Let your instructor know what are things you can do and what are the things you can’t. You need to be confident that you can cop with the intended plan.

3. Buoyancy Skills

Buoyancy may seek an easy skill but actually it is a deceptive skill. You need to make sure that you master buoyancy skills. You should be able to ascend or descend by inhaling or exhaling, respectively. You should only use your buoyancy compensator device (BCD) to compensate for changes in depth.

4. Watch Your Fins

While scuba diving, divers are equipped with a lot of equipment and you need to be aware of all your equipment especially the fins. Be aware of your fins and if you hit accidentally something or someone then stop and see what you have hit. Do not damage coral with your fins as it will affect the underwater ecosystem.

5. Dive Gear

Dive gear is vital for ensuring a diver’s safety and they need proper maintenance. So divers need to regularly service their gear and keep it well maintained at all times. Make sure your dive gear is reliable when you are diving and that’s only possible when you have maintained it well.

6. Keep Blowing Bubbles

This is the most important thing to do especially for new divers. New divers may tend to save their oxygen but they should not. Don’t forget to inhale and exhale throughout your dive.

7. Watch Your Air

While scuba diving, you have a limited quantity of oxygen with you. Make sure you monitor your air levels all the time and avoid running out of oxygen when diving.

8. Never Exceed Your Limits

For a safe and wonderful experience, you need to make sure you don’t exceed your personal limits. Don’t feel the pressure of other divers if they are doing more than you. Keep in mind your level of training, experience, skills, and stamina.

9. Listen to the Briefing

The pre-dive briefing is very important as you will be given a plan for scuba diving. Make sure you carefully listen to the briefing in order to avoid getting lost during the dive.

Most Important thing before you go for scuba dive is the training. Make sure you get training from reputed trainers like Bermuda Diving Center Dubai. With a good training you more chances of enjoying the dive rather than worrying about your safety. If you are really excited for one of the most exciting experiences in life then try scuba diving at

If you ever been to scuba diving then let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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