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7 Insider Secrets to Getting Hired



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Whenever a job vacancy is announced by any company, a large number of candidates apply for that position. Due to high unemployment rates in many countries, the number of job applications can be overwhelming.

In order to get a job in a hyper-competitive job market, you have to be different in order to get noticed. You can develop unique skills such as learning data science and other productive skills.

If you want to succeed in job-finding efforts then you need to take care of the following things to improve your success chances.

Fine-tune your resume & cover letter.

Since a large number of candidates apply for the job, employers have to shortlist the stacks of résumés to find the relevant candidates who meet their requirements. In order to stand out from the crowd, you have to be creative in writing and designing the CV and cover letter. You can consider hiring professional resume writing services.

Watch your body language at a job interview.

Body language is a very important aspect of your personality. You should improve self-awareness and social skills. Make sure you keep eye contact during the interview and smile when it is appropriate. List to the interviewer carefully and show them that you are fully attentive. Make sure you don’t jiggle your knee, kick the desk, twirl your hair, check your cellphone, play with your pen, stare off into space, or bite your nails.

Fill in a big resume blank spot with volunteer work.

If you are fresher then you might have a blank work experience area. The best solution to fill this blank spot is to add the volunteering work. Your volunteering experience shows employers that you are an energetic, hard-working and compassionate person who has the ability to solve the problems. It also shows your team building and collaboration skills.

Don’t be careless—watch the small stuff.

Well, in order to get hired to you need to check all small details. Let’s consider a very small factor on your resume which is the “date”. Normally it is not a big deal but it may be an important indication for the employers about your attention to detail aspect. So, give proper attention to every aspect of your resume and personality.

Make sure you match the job description.

Many applicants send the same resume to multiple job vacancies and most of the time their skills and experience do not match with the job description. Make sure you send a tailored resume for each job vacancy in which your experience and expertise match the job description.

Put your interviewer at ease.

Many interviewers are not familiar with the job position they are hiring for and they are not good at it. So, they hate interviewing for such positions. For example, when a non-techie is interviewing for a technology-based position, it is the responsibility of the applicant to put the interviewer to ease and make him friendly enough to share his thoughts. Here are some key interview tips that you should read before going for an interview.

Plan before you pursue it.

Planning is very important when it comes to job search and opting for a new company. You may get a number of interview calls and offer letters. You need to plan which job you should choose and why. Make sure you set your career goals before a job search. Your job should align with your career goals.

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