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7 Benefits Of Self Storage For Business That You Need To Know About



office self storage

Thinking about using self-storage for your business needs? These benefits can help you take the next step so you can start gaining from this helpful service.

In a quickly changing and evolving world, anybody wanting to succeed in business has to be creative and forward-thinking in order to manage a business well.

Various services and new technologies can help boost business, but one age-old service often gets ignored – cheap self storage.

There is nothing new about using self storage for business, and yet, many business owners have no idea that this incredibly useful service even exists for business use. We hear about it being used for house moves or estate management, but never when it comes to business. This is where so many companies miss out.

For something so affordable, with so many business benefits, isn’t it time you considered cheap self storage?

To help you understand exactly why cheap self storage should be the next consideration for your business management, checkout 7 phenomenal benefits it can bring:

1.   Convenience

Cheap self-storage is incredibly convenient for businesses. It is like an extension of your office or warehouse space. You’re able to access whenever you need to, which can often be 24/7 depending on the unit you use. Many facilities also have extra services like receptions who can take your deliveries, making it a real extension of the way you run your business.

2.   Flexibility

Self storage facilities are incredibly flexible. You can usually switch between smaller or larger units with minimal notice to help with natural growth and shrinkage of your storage needs. Even better, units can be as small as a gym storage locker, or as big as a football field (depending on the facility) so you never have a need to compromise on the size of the space you use.

3.   Quick Freeing-up Of Business Space

Want to hire more staff? Want to expand retail operations by using self storage for office furniture, inventory or even fulfilment? You can make these changes easily with self storage. Your extras can be quickly placed in self storage instantly making room for you to grow your business with ease.

4.   Security Far Beyond Expectations

Self storage facilities are designed to protect the items stored within them. For that reason you should expect a large amount of security that goes far beyond what is present at your office or warehouse rental. CCTV, various lock types, 24/7 receptions and security lights are just some features you are likely to see. For businesses, that kind of protection is invaluable.

5.   Climate Control

Lots of storage facilities have climate control which is really useful when it comes to keeping items in good condition. If your business has temperature-sensitive products like electronics, for example, climate control helps to protect your items from damage.

6.   Money-Saving

Self storage rental rates aren’t necessarily cheap in some areas but their affordability is excellent in comparison with warehouse or office rental rates. This cheaper cost of space rental can be fantastic for any business looking to save money, especially startups or SME’s.

7.   A Wide Range Of Uses

Cheap self storage space has a huge range of business uses including:

  • Paperwork storage
  • Furniture storage
  • Bulk order storage
  • Office moving storage
  • Space to fulfill postal orders
  • Deep storage for confidential documents
  • Seasonal storage

Is It Time Your Business Benefited From Self Storage?

If you want to tap into an affordable, flexible, convenient service with multiple benefits for your business, look into cheap self storage today. It could be the next step you need to boost business operations with minimal risk and ultimate ease.

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