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7 Beautiful Ways to Apply Face Glitter



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Glitter never goes out of fashion and the trend keeps repeating itself. If you are new or even you are a regular user of glitter in fashion, this article will help you to use extra fine glitter bulk on the face in different beautiful ways.

Before you apply glitter to your face, it is advised to use only high-quality glitter as many people have sensitive skin.

Here are some cools ways to apply face glitter.

1. Glitter Eyelids

Eyelids glitter is the most common application of glitter to the face. All you need is to sweep quality glitter over your eyelids. If you want to wear glitter for a long time then apply it to the middle and outer eyelid for comfort.

2. Glitter Highlighter

You can replace your favorite highlighter with cosmetic biodegradable glitter. You simply need to highlight your cheekbone with fine glitter or highlight just under your brow. For more dramatic or party look you can further pull the glitter to the corner of your eyelids and up to your eyebrow.

3. The Glitter Half Moon

The glitter half-moon is also known as the Glitter C. It is used for your typical festival glitter look. In order to make a glittering half-moon, you need to create a C shape with glitter starting above your browbone covering your temple, and bushing down on to the top of your cheekbone.

4. Glitterati Temple

This is one of the favorites and popular glitter applications. It can be created with a single glitter mix but using a mix of different glitters create a stunning look. In order to make a glitterati temple, you need to apply glitter form the edge of the eye and brush glitter back in the shape of a triangle. Blend only fine and high quality glitters for a stunning look.

5. Glitter Mask

You might be hesitant using this type of glitter but when done properly it is well worth it. Use the lighter color glitter mixes for the mask. You can also use different colors of glitter for creating depth and detail.

6. Under Eye Glitter

Under-eye glitter is another easy way to look sparkly and it also can cover up the dark circles under your eyes. Start applying the glitter in a loose triangle shape under the eye but you can also try making your shape based on your face structure. Be creative and use whatever shape you want. Use a combination of glitters for a beautiful look.

7. Glitter Lips

This is not the most favorite glitter application as it is not so common for everyday wear or festival wear. This can be a great application for photoshoots. Chances are there that you might eat glitter as you do eat the lipstick. Only a hardcore glue can make the glitter stick firmly but again if you are using glitter with chemical glue, then you are eating both glitter and chemicals. That’s why this glitter fashion is not very common and it is only good for the photoshoots.

If you know other beautiful glitter face applications then do let us know in the comments section below.

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