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6 Ways to Incorporate A Marble-look Feature Wall at Home



Marble is still considered one of the most luxurious materials used for the home. It looks very classy and appealing. It has been used in construction for centuries and it still holds it’s worth.

Marble gives us a variety of options which may range from most traditional to ultramodern designs. It is the epitome of luxury in construction materials. Even when used in average homes, this iconic stone uplifts the look and style of the building.

If you have not used marble at your home they try a marble feature wall in and see how it transforms the look of your home.

Here are the other ways you can incorporate marble at your home and uplift and style your home.


This is one of the best usages of marble in the bathroom. Just look at the large marble-clad walls. You achieve this in your bathroom just by keeping it simple. This will make your bathroom look ultraluxurious.


Here is another way you can incorporate marble into your master bathroom. Inside walls are all marbles and a see-through concept is used. The contrasting color of the frames is giving it a very beautiful look.


Just look at this magnificent bathroom with a warm ambiance and luxurious look thanks to the dark marble paneling. This design will make your bathroom next-level luxury.


Another good idea on how you can incorporate marble at your home is using it behind the TV wall. This will not only give your walls a new look but also make it more aesthetically appealing.


If you want a sophisticated and modern style then you can make your wall panels glossy with dark-hued marble. This will be a next-level luxury.


If you want to facelift your dining area and table then you can use marble panels arranged in a Chevron pattern.

These were some of the ways you can use marble to improve the look of your home. If you know any other ideas for upgrading your home then do let us know in the comments section below.

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