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5 Signs that Your Staff Needs to Learn a Foreign Language

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The tech revolution has transformed the world into a global village. The economy of any country has now become a global economy where businesses interact with customers from all over the world and operate in cooperation with other international firms.

In this global economy, it is vital for employees to learn languages in order to communicate with foreign stakeholders in an effective way.

Language learning for business has been made very easy with some amazing apps like FunEasyLearn for Business and you don’t have to arrange conventional language training sessions for your staff. You can simply have a language learning app installed in employees’ mobiles and they can access 34 language courses in this handy language app for business.

Here are some signs and reasons that your staff needs to learn a foreign language.

1 – International Expansion

Language learning for business is a must thing to do when you are expanding your company beyond borders. So having a staff knowing the local language of your target country gives you an edge as they will be able to communicate in the local language. This will create a positive impression about your company and build a great image.

2 – Diverse Workforce

If your organization has a diverse workforce belonging to different corners of the world or your company has a remote workforce then foreign language training is essential for your staff.

Therefore you should encourage your staff to learn a foreign language so that they can develop important language and interpersonal skills and become better problem solvers and listeners.

3 – Contracts with Foreign Companies

Working and partnering with foreign companies is the easiest way to grow your business globally. It is not a simple task though. If you are planning to partner up with foreign entities then it is time to recommend a language learning app to your employees and ask them to start learning the language.

Many companies prefer to work with the companies having staff who knows their local language. It makes business activities more efficient as communication barrier no more exists.

4 – Employees Productivity

If your staff members lack productivity then learning a foreign language can help improve their productivity.

Employees who speak more languages have more self-belief and more confidence. They are willing to take new challenges. Confident people tend to take more responsibilities and perform more tasks than others. Boost their confidence and productivity by adding a foreign language to their skill set.

5 – Staff Mental Strength

Did you know speaking multiple languages can help delay a mental condition called dementia? A study finds that it can delay dementia up to 5 long years. Therefore, it is important to provide your staff with opportunities to learn a foreign language through a language learning app or vocabulary app. This will not only improve their mental health but also provide them with a healthy work-life balance.

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