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5 Advantages of Touch Screen Car Radio Over Tradition Car Radio



Traveling is fun, and nobody denies that. Right? But experience while traveling matters a lot, whether it is the space available in your automobile or the comfiness of the chairs. And Ah! Music. Travel can never be complete without the sound of music. But the accessibility and reliability of that music matter as much as the music itself. To give you this unique experience, touch screen car radio is a perfect product to make your journey reliable with such a user-friendly audio product.

We have come a long way in terms of radio usage within an automobile since 1930. As the name suggests, touch screen car radio is the latest in-car radio technology where you can manipulate and control everything by touching a screen. A head unit, as it is called, is a system that controls the audio, navigation, and climate control typically placed in the center console of a car. On the other hand, the good old traditional car radio has manual control using a knob to control frequency. These radios are used just for audio purposes and have much lesser features than a touch screen radio.

There are vast differences in terms of display and function between touch screen car radio and traditional car radio. The control and manipulation happen via sensory control in touch screen car radio in contrast to traditional radios where a manual knob or a button is used for car audio player. The traditional radio works on FM/AM stereo, but touch screen car radio can act as satellite radio.

Touch screen car radio has a lot of advantages over a traditional car radio. Let’s explore some of them.

  1. Simple user interface: The touch screen car radio has a simple and easy to use interface integrated with other features. The large display allows reading and adjusting certain settings easily. It is similar to the interface of a smartphone.
  1. Better reception quality: Touch screen car radio also acts as a receiver of HD and satellite radio. Because this technology does not rely on radio waves, it has fewer blind spots, and the quality of sound is cleaner.
  1. Safety: A lot of safety features are built-in in touch screen car radio. This technology can also be connected to a camera giving guidelines, which in turn helps improve the experience.
  1. Navigation system: Touch screen car radio is not just a radio; it is more than that. You can never get lost using this technology. Just enter your destination, and it will suggest you the path to your destination as it has a GPS in it.
  1. Multiple entertainment sources: For entertainment, you just do not have to rely on radio alone. You can plug in your other devices to open your playlist or simply connect using Bluetooth technology without using a physical chord.

If you are thinking of investing in a touch screen for the car audio player, Opuradio is such a good idea that you can consider. Opuradio has a lot of different products to make your car journeys worth remembering. A range of products includes touchscreen digitizers and radios, displays, navigation displays, amplifiers, emulator wiring, circuit boards, cable connectors, motherboard, and others. All of these products are prepared by keeping the latest technologies in mind that always help them to make a product of unprecedented quality.

The distinctive news is that Opuradio is the biggest supplier of wholesale car audio parts as they have the best car radios. Founded in 2008, Opuradio does not only manufactures new parts but also helps their customers to repair the existing faulty pieces. They locate in such a market of China where most of the things are expensive but their unique proposition of quality and low price stands them out of the crowd.

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