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4 Ways to Improve Your Recruitment Process




Like most areas of business, recruiters and HR managers are constantly looking for ways in which to improve their process and strategies for better results and efficiencies. This could mean tightening up the candidate screening process to save time, or reviewing job ad placements in order to cut back on costs.

This guide covers 4 ways to improve the recruitment and hiring process to save both time and money, and drive better results.

1. Don’t go quiet on potential candidates

During the recruitment process it’s not uncommon to have to interview a dozen or so candidates for a particular role. This can mean the earlier candidates having a long wait until a decision is made. Make a conscious effort to keep in touch with them and updated on why they are waiting, and when they can expect a decision.

If a candidate is interviewing for your role, it’s likely they’re interviewing for other roles too, and if radio silence is too long, they might just accept another offer in the meantime. 

2. Remove unconscious bias with psychometric testing

In 2021 recruiters and employers alike are looking for ways to help remove unconscious bias not only from the recruitment process but from the workplace as a whole. Using psychometric tests as part of the recruitment process is one of the single best ways in which an employer can help to achieve this.

Psychometric assessments offer a comprehensive and valuable insight into a candidate’s abilities, intelligence, personality and behaviors – and can essentially let an employer know how suitable a particular candidate may be for a role. In using such tests, recruiters can fairly benchmark candidates with the role requirements as well as with each other, in a way that removes any potential for unconscious bias.

Psychometric testing also results in better hires, as they provide insight that can be difficult to get from an interview (or multiple interviews) in such a clear and concise manner. 

3. Build a talent pipeline

When hiring for a position, it’s usually the case that employers will only hire once the job becomes available, or within the months running up to it becoming available. However, savvy employers know that building a talent pipeline by sourcing candidates for roles ahead of time, can significantly reduce the time it takes to fill a position.

Getting your HR team and hiring managers to network and build a presence in online professional communities can be a great way of getting started with building a talent pipeline. 

4. Demonstrate your company culture

Building an employer brand is a crucial aspect of a winning recruitment strategy, but sadly is missing from many businesses. Job seeks are particularly interested in understanding more about the company culture before accepting a position, and in some cases, even before applying.

Consider creating a recruitment page or section of your company website to show off your company culture, highlighting the benefits and selling the key reasons why someone might want to work at the business.

Improving your recruitment strategy and process can be done in multiple ways, and in this guide we’ve covered just 4 ways in which this can be achieved. Another way of finding improvements for your recruiting process is to simply ask new employees for feedback, as well as existing staff and candidates.

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