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3 Unexpected Benefits of Using Meditation Apps




The trend of using fitness and mindfulness apps is increasing day by day. A meditation app like Mindtastic can people to train their brains to focus in the moment. The main benefit of such apps is that through meditations, and research has shown that they actually do help you improve your attention span. The research says that people have found it very helpful in developing positive emotions.

A good mindfulness app helps in reducing your mind’s tendency to wander. This is not the only benefit you get. Here are some key benefits when you download meditation app.

Less Stress

A recent study has found that regular use of a mindfulness app can provide stress intervention when you’re in a pressure-filled situation. The research has also found evidence that smartphone meditation app usage reduces cortisol levels, as well as systolic blood pressure in response to stress. All you need to do is to practice acceptance, which is being open and accepting of the way things are.

In this research, around 144 stressed adults using an app. Among these 144, Some were trained to monitor the present moment with acceptance while others were trained to monitor the present moment only. On completion of the study which included one 20-minute mindfulness lesson a day for two weeks, the participants were put into a stressful situation. Meanwhile, their cortisol levels and blood pressure were measured. The results showed that who had practiced the monitoring and acceptance program had reduced cortisol and systolic blood pressure reactivity.

Better Social Relationships

Another study conducted in this regard was published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences suggests that smartphone-based mindfulness training can alleviate the feeling of loneliness and motivate individuals to participate in more social interaction. Just like before, you’ve got to use them in conjunction with acceptance training. While doing this research the participants were trained to respond to uncomfortable experiences by saying “yes” in a gentle tone of voice, while maintaining an open mind.

According to a professor involved in the study, “Learning to be more accepting of your experience, even when it’s difficult, can have carryover effects on your social relationships. When you are more accepting toward yourself, it opens you up to be more available to others,”.

Just after two weeks of smartphone-based mindfulness training, participants reported that they reduced daily life loneliness by 22% and increased social interaction by an average of two interactions each day.

Improved Memory

In this age of the internet and social media, you receive too much information all day. It is not only very hard to focus but also it is very difficult to remember most of the things. A mindfulness app can also help you in this regard.

A 20 minutes training daily can help you improve your memory and you will be able to memorize more things than you normally did before.

Focusing on mindfulness is just like building a muscle. You will become stronger as you keep training. You will be able to manage stress, remember important information and become more social.

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