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11 Characteristics of High-End Web Design




Websites have numerous goals from building brand awareness to advertising and selling solutions online. It doesn’t matter what the goal maybe if you want to be effective, you need a high-end web design. Poorly, low-quality web design gives a bad first impression. Most of whom will likely leave your website, thinking you don’t take your business seriously. If you want a high-end, effective website, apart from hiring a creative agency like Riyadh web design, you need to focus on the characteristics of your website.

Custom design

Before a visitor even looks at the content of the website, they check out the design. Now, you will find thousands of free and pre-made design templates online for use. But to be honest, these are all overdone. If you truly want your business to stand out, don’t settle for these templates. While they may give you some customization option, it is limited and you will look like just another website online.

The first step to high-end web design is deciding on the layout and design. Work with an experienced designer and they can help you come up with a high-end, custom web design that will strengthen your brand online.

Keep it simple

You want visitors to get the exact information they are looking for and to be able to find it with ease. Don’t overcomplicate your website so that visitors have trouble navigating through it. It all starts with the navigation of your website. Make sure that it is easily accessible, keep it both at the top of the page and make sure it follows the user as they scroll down on pages. Display all the major categories on it and have a drop-down menu for categories that have segments within it.

Easy Front-end Submissions

High-end websites have a very efficient file upload system. If you want in have the front-end file upload feature on your website then you must consider file request pro. The interface of this widget is highly user-friendly which enable easy front end submissions.

Less is better

Most customers don’t like to be flooded with too much information. In fact, people don’t even read half the content that is posted on the website. They just skim through and look for the information they want. There is no need to have your website flooded with content. The content you develop should be easily digestible by visitors.

Less is better not just in terms of content but the design also. Too flashy and vibrant designs can turn visitors off to a website. It makes it complicated for them to navigate which ruins their user experience.

A color scheme that contrasts

This is pretty basic when it comes to design but some business overlooks it, which makes it difficult for visitors to read content displayed on the website. You need to ensure that the background color contrasts with the content font color so that it is easily readable. You will find that most business website have a white background with black font because it is easy to read.


It doesn’t matter how high-end your website may be, design and coding-wise, if it doesn’t incorporate SEO elements, it won’t attract the volume of audience you want. SEO may start from the content, using the right keywords, but numerous design elements play a role. Things like how fast your website loads and the overall user experience contribute to SEO. Web designers are aware of this but you want to reiterate that you want an SEO-friendly website so they design and code accordingly.

Custom functionalities

You want your business to stand out online, after all, it is unique. While some functionalities will be the same as other businesses online, you want to customize a few so your website stands out. Pick and choose which functionalities are important for your business and which aren’t. Don’t just add functionality because everyone else has it, make sure it is relevant to your business. At the same time, as your developer to customize it for your business.

Responsive design

Users are accessing websites on numerous different devices, each having a different screen size. You now have more people accessing the internet from smartphones of different sizes and tablets. You want to make sure that everyone’s experience is the same, no matter which device they use to access your website.

Responsive web design will automatically adapt the design and content to the screen size it is accessed on. Non-responsive designs make it difficult for users that are not on desktops to navigate the website, usually leaving immediately.

Appealing images

While there are millions of stock photos out there to choose from, but if you want to keep the appeal of your website personal then take your own pictures. Having an actual image of products you have or your office and team makes it more personal. But that doesn’t mean you take pictures from a mobile phone and post them. Have appealing images on the website that are taken by a professional.


Visuals make it easier for users to understand and remember the information presented to them. Whether you are advertising products or services, have a video giving an overview of what you have to offer. Keep it short, under a minute, and have appealing visuals that will help users remember your business when they are ready to make a decision.

Website Backup

The most important thing that you need to do while doing business online is protecting your data. You can lose your online empire in a matter of minutes by hacking or other causes. So your website and online businesses need a solid backup system. You can go for Cloud Backup as this will enable you to access data from anywhere in the world.

What are the other characteristics of a website that you think should be added to this article? Do let us know in the comments section below.

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